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Milk Presents: Self Service review at Northern Stage at King’s Hall

This is a spiky cabaret that punks up Milk Presents’ established folksy style; it feels angrier than previous work from this charmingly ramshackle company and the passion adds a welcome kick.

Adam Robertson (who relishes wearing heels), Lucy Doherty (who finds it a challenge to wear heels) and Ruby Glaskin (who wears heels out of necessity) don gold lycra and have a stab at defining Queer.

This is a show for anyone who wants to explore a way of life that isn’t 2.5 kids ‘normal’ and it seems to be a very personal exploration for Robertson, Doherty and Glaskin. They don’t shy away from revealing as much of themselves as they can in a show about the fluctuating nature of identity.

This investment adds gravitas to the glitz and glamour within a series of fabulous vignettes. The company’s signature low-fi overhead projection animations appear archly crafted instead of annoyingly ambrosial. The silly songs are as funny as ever, but the stakes feel higher so they also pack a punch.

This is a messy, knowing, joyous, tender, angry piece of cabaret, theatre and performing art that flies in the face of conventionality. Sometimes it lands awkwardly but it wears its heart defiantly on its black lacy sleeve and it’s definitely for you.

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A messy, awkward, joyous, funny and tender attempt to define Queer