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Peter Pan review at Princes Hall Theatre Aldershot

Robert Hopkins celebrates 20 years of producing and starring in pantomimes at this theatre, joined for the tenth time by the irrepressible Donovan Christian Cary. As Smee, and Smee’s Mum, they carry the evening along involving the young audience at every possible opportunity.

A very high standard of scenery and choreography is established from the opening scene in Neverland, with Kara Lily Hayworth as Tigerlily leading the Indians in a dance routine. This is followed by the entrance of Smee and Mrs Smee who waste no time in getting the audience going, throwing sweets into the auditorium. Then we have the customary Peter Pan opening, set in the Darlings house. Joanna Fussey doubles as Mrs Darling and the Mermaid with James Franklin doubling as her husband and a very convincing Captain Hook.

As they leave for an evening out, in flies Adam Pettigrew as Peter Pan, meeting up with Wendy, played by Rachel Lea-Gray, making her second appearance in a Hopkins pantomime. Tinker Bell is seen as a moving light before Serena Giacomini appears as a fairy. Unfortunately, problems with sound levels prevent us from hearing Giacomini’s singing clearly; her voice is almost inaudible and many words are lost.

Production Information

Princes Hall Theatre, Aldershot, December 6-30

James Barry
Robert Hopkins
Robert Hopkins, Donovan Christian Cary, Adam Pettigrew, Joanna Fussey, James Franklin, Rachel Lea-Gray, Kara Lily Hayworth, Serena Giacomini
Running time
2hrs 30mins