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So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now! review at Pleasance Dome Edinburgh

It is a tremendous thrill to see a comedian who has been excelling at his craft for years reach a new peak. Brendon Burns has achieved this with a truly remarkable show in which he tests, pushes and attempts to redefine the boundaries of taste in racism, sexism and homophobia.

The venue was packed, due in part no doubt to a publicity poster in which Burns appears blacked up, in a wheelchair and hanging from a cross.

The show started with two scantily dressed women, dancing provocatively, jiggling all they had got, until a beaming Burns emerged between them sporting a bizarrely sideburned and moustachioed look. He wasted little time in getting into the issue of racism, talking about Islamic terrorists, skin colour and being an immigrant in Britain.

Where once Burns would have ranted, he cajoled and teased his audience, winning the argument as well as the laughs.

He pulled off the same trick with sexism, a certain intellectual rationale underpinning the most ferocious attacks on women in the audience. It is testament to his stage charm and gift at mocking himself that he emerged unscathed.

And the finale to the show, which we will not give away, was absolutely brilliant. A comedy masterpiece and my tip to win the if.comeddies award.

Production Information

Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, Author: Brendon Burns

Matt Holt and Ro Acharya
Off The Kerb
Brendon Burns, Emily Juniper, Georgina Smith
Running Time