Jerry Sadowitz – Comedian, Magician, Psychopath review at Underbelly Udderbelly Edinburgh

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Age has not mellowed Jerry Sadowitz as a comedian. The ferocity, bitterness and sheer brilliance of this performance was breathtaking.

Over the past couple of decades, Sadowitz has written and delivered many inspired shows, but I have never seen his raw rage prove as devastatingly funny.

This was a no-holds-barred performance that left few areas of tasteless humour unexploited. Even recent taboo subjects were fearlessly tackled and made funny for the benefit of a shocked audience, crying with laughter.

Of course it was dressed up as a close-up magic show, and Sadowitz’s card tricks were extremely clever. Yet he treated his own remarkable sleight of hand skills almost with contempt as he interrupted tricks to rail against an unjust world that makes household names out of less gifted performers.

There is a sense that Sadowitz genuinely feels the world has conspired to make his life miserable and that every second of stage time is an opportunity to put it right on a thing or two.

Whatever the case, the audience gained the benefit of his magnificent comedy writing skills and unequalled pace and delivery. A truly great show!

Production Information

Underbelly Udderbelly, Edinburgh, August 5-27

Author, Director, Producer, Performer
Jerry Sadowitz
Running Time
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