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Easy Targets review at C Central

Performing a show which is designed to be dreadful is an invidious task. Yet the Burglars of Hamm manage to do just that without creating any ill will. Even sly digs at William Wallace to a predominantly Scottish audience are excused in the four monologues chosen from a rotating menu of eight.

They get away with because the audience receive a plentiful supply of rolled up socks to throw at the performers. The theory is that they will reward particularly bad acting or cliched writing with such a fusillade. The practice is that they need no excuse and treat the whole show like an hour-long coconut shy.

Consequently, the most successful piece is Matt Almos’s Evening with Abraham Lincoln. Not because it is particularly dreadful but because Almos performs it with a hat firmly ensconced on his head. Jon Beauregard’s All About Me is easily the worst piece of the evening and Carolyn Almos’s performance begins to achieve the potential for direness which is promised.

Yet, valiant though their attempts at awfulness might be, the Burglars of Hamm have not stolen the title of worst monologue on the fringe. For that, you have to really mean it – while this is just great fun.

Production Information

C Central, August 4-19

Carolyn Almos, Jon Beauregard, Matt Almos, Selina Woolery Smith
Carolyn Almos, Matt Almos, Albert Dayan, Todd Merrill
Burglars of Hamm
Carolyn Almos, Jon Beauregard, Matt Almos, Rebecca Metz
Running time