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Jeremy Lion – What’s The Time, Mr Lion? review at Pleasance Courtyard

The Jeremy Lion drinkathon has become one of the high points of the fringe over the past three years.

The immensely gifted Justin Edwards – who made his name as the leading light in The Consultants – threw everything into the latest of his series of soused adventures with his children’s entertainer character, who is aided by simple sidekick Leslie (George Cockerill).

The audience are treated to a ‘play’ loosely based on the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, crossed with a disturbing insight into Mr Lion’s troubled past. It involved stripping a cow, Beef Richard, of its meat, passing five bottles of whisky round the audience until the punters were tipsy, and Mr Lion himself quaffing huge quantities of spirits, wine and Special Brew.

The songs were hilarious. The patter was perfectly timed and the costumes sickly inspired. And Cockerill superbly bungled his lines as Leslie in the shopkeeper sketch. By the finale, Mr Lion had collapsed and the audience was incapacitated with laughter.

“I have never seen anything as funny in my life,” one fan remarked afterwards. It was indeed character comedy at its finest.

Production Information

Pleasance Courtyard, August 7-29

Writer, director
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards and and George Cockerill
Jeremy Lion Productions
Running time