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David O’Doherty – World Champion of Some Things review at Gilded Balloon Teviot

David O’Doherty exudes a quiet confidence as he comes to the stage and gets on with exploring the acoustics of the space from its various corners without the support of a microphone. It is not conceit, just the knowledge that his audience will be quite happy to go with him where ever he takes them. And if it takes wandering round the stage before he can settle down into the pre-scripted routines about his life, drinking, custom cars and the contagiousness of superlatives, well so be it. It is just another example of the fine art of procrastination.

It is not that you feel that there actually is a script in there. This hour might be highly organised but O’Doherty passes from one idea to the next as if every new thought had come to him on the spur of the moment. Whimsy, is what it is, whimsy with a dash of detail that makes every quiet thing he says glitter with its intelligence rather than his bravura. And then there are the songs. Sweet and gentle, they immerse you in his humour until you are completely and happily drenched by his soft fine rain of comedy.

Production Information

Gilded Balloon Teviot, August 6-30

David O’Doherty
Edcom 4 & Lisa Richards Agency
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