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Quotes of the week, April 23: Ramin Karimloo, Sarah Crompton and Andrew Lloyd Webber and more

Ramin Karimloo, Sarah Crompton and Andrew Lloyd Webber (photo by Gregg Deiman)
Ramin Karimloo, Sarah Crompton and Andrew Lloyd Webber (photo by Gregg Deiman)

“I thought I would pine for the creative stimulation that seeing a play brings. But not as much as I feared. I have taken to watching a lot of German theatre courtesy of Berlin’s Schaubühne. I have had a go at Ibsen in French. I have watched the work of the Wooster Group from New York, and I have enjoyed the luxury of being able to pause and fast-forward.”
Theatre critic Sarah Crompton (Sunday Times Culture Magazine)

“This is as close as we will get to live theatre right now and this shows how hungry people are for theatre and how much people adore theatre.”
Actor Ramin Karimloo on the online screening of The Phantom of the Opera (thestage.co.uk)

“The generation who came of age since 2008 have faced crash, austerity, Brexit, and now Covid-19. If they’re not to be lost, it’s essential that, as part of recovery, the government offers a huge New-Deal style package on jobs, rents, infrastructure and culture, aimed at the young.”
Playwright David Greig (Twitter)

“I think female comics or comedy writers write about a wide range of emotions. But that confessional style – here’s what I think in my darkest moments – is more recent. For years, it wasn’t encouraged. If you created a female character, likeability was a major factor.”
Actor Sharon Horgan (Times)

“For the performing world, the real nightmare starts if lockdown is eased, say from the end of May, but the ban on mass gatherings remains for several months more. Consider the dire situation then. Arts Council England and other funding quangos will have exhausted their reserves. The furlough and business-support schemes may come to an end. Yet organisations will have no way of earning income because they won’t be allowed to put on shows.”
Music critic Richard Morrison (Times)

“Mum called to talk through my plans for a play about coronavirus (I didn’t have any). It was a good pitch, but not even my mother can persuade me on that one. Next!”
Director Amanda Huxtable (Twitter)

“I’ve been doing a big, fiendish jigsaw, but there isn’t much time for hobbies. Everything has to go on – I’ve been on the phone finding out what’s going on with the theatres; when we can open, what we can do.”
Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (Telegraph)

“When we return, theatres must step up to provide genuine security and permanence for artists. Buying in artists is not enough, organisations must be built around them.”
New Diorama artistic director David Byrne (Twitter)


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