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Quotes of the week, April 30: Danusia Samal, Imelda Staunton, Lucy Prebble and more

Danusia Samal, Imelda Saunton and Lucy Prebble. Photos: Shutterstock
Danusia Samal, Imelda Saunton and Lucy Prebble. Photos: Shutterstock

“As an actor, shutdown initially felt like it had taken away my future. But I’m beginning to adapt. It’s amazing to see what people are making online, how creative they’ve become. It’s going to be hard to rebuild theatre but I think artists will work hard to support each other. The funny flipside of this is that suddenly we’re all unemployed so the judgment about being ‘successful’ has eased. Artists are being much nicer to each other.”
Actor Danusia Samal (Guardian)

“If you want to eviscerate me for having an opinion, then there’s something extremely wrong with our culture.”
Actor Laurence Fox (Times)

“No one knows when Broadway will reopen, but it’s not going to be soon. Summer? Fall? Next year? What’s clear is that an industry that packs large groups of people into small spaces – that depends on tourists and seniors to fill seats, is risky for investors and costly for fans – is going to need time to rebound.”
Theatre reporter Michael Paulson (New York Times)

“I loved rep – playing huge parts like St Joan or Elektra when I was far too young and inexperienced. I’m sure I was bad in a lot of them, but all these parts built up the muscle. To have that amount of responsibility that young was good for me. Your career is your apprenticeship. You want to be able to get things wrong, but people are less forgiving these days.”
Actor Imelda Staunton (Telegraph)

“We do need to be relevant. And, in the face of all this, I think some of us are asking: Are we, and can we ever be, relevant when people are dying at the rate they are and everything is crumbling. I want us all to keep asking these really important but terrifying questions.”
Artistic director Natalie Ibu (Twitter)

“I feel for venues who rely on income from ticket sales and live events. It will be stressful to work out how to keep going; inventing new survival plans and trying to do the right thing by everyone. It’s worse for thousands of artists and freelancers who find themselves in an even more precarious position, with no fallback, no regular funding and no physical resource to work with.”
Theatre producer David Jubb (davidjubb.blog)

“If there is any recognisable IP that hasn’t been turned into a TV show, rest assured the industry is working very hard to turn it into one right now. Those wooden block shapes from childhood? TV show. The concept of thought? TV show. The chair you’re sitting in right now? TV show.”
Playwright Lucy Prebble (Twitter)


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