You’ve been reviewed in The Stage: how to promote your theatre show

You've been reviewed in The Stage: how to promote your theatre show

If your show has been reviewed by The Stage, you may like to use quotes and star ratings to help you with promotional activities. The Stage is delighted for you to do this, but we do ask that you follow the guidance below.

1. Know what your star rating means

★★★★★ Among the best ever produced
★★★★ Very good show
★★★ Average to good show
★★ Below average show
Fails on almost every level

2. Use your The Stage star rating to promote your show

Please feel free to use the star rating your show has been given in any promotional material and on your website. You can download The Stage star rating graphics below.

3. Excerpts and review quotes from The Stage

We’re very happy for you to use a short excerpt from our review (or from the verdict box) to promote your show. You do not need to ask our permission unless:

  • you plan to change the wording
  • you plan to use more than 40 words
  • you would like to quote out of context

For printed products, such as programmes, flyers and posters, you must credit The Stage. We would be grateful if you used our branding. This can be found here.

If you are quoting from the review online, you should also credit The Stage. Please link back to the review on The Stage website. If you do not know how to do this, please get in touch so we can help you.

4. Contact The Stage

If there are any ways you think The Stage can help promote your show please feel free to contact our marketing team.

5. Let The Stage know about your next production

At The Stage, we try to review as many productions across the United Kingdom as possible, but we can’t see everything.

If you have a production that you think should be reviewed in The Stage please email our reviews team, including the title and venue in the subject line and remembering to include pertinent details, such as dates and any creative team, technical staff or cast members who have already been lined up. If you have a press release, please send it.

So, you’ve won an award – what next? (PDF)

The Stage Edinburgh Award PDF download

The Stage logo (PNG download)






So you’ve won an award… What’s next?


Make it public. Let the world know on social media that you have won this prestigious
award. Tweet or post on Facebook and don’t forget to tag @thestage.
Include a picture. Including pictures on social media will get you greater visibility.
Share the news. You will be featured in a story on This will include further
details of the reasons you have been recognised. Why not share this story on social media
and with family and friends. Plus the news will also be in the Print Edition available in
newsagents nationwide; order your copy by calling 020 7939 8479
Tell your press contacts. Feel free to use the article online to issue to your local
press contacts.
Include in future funding applications. Endorsement from The Stage has provided useful
ammunition in funding applications in the past. We would encourage you to include the
logo, our explanation of the award and the supporting statements of the judges.
Tell us how we can help you. We welcome any suggestions on how we can support your
use of the award. You know better than anyone how this award is of value to you, so if you
require any further materials, please get in touch.
Find further details including logos and news coverage