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Our Matt’s a seriously devoted Gloria EsteFAN

Matt Hemley with his collection of Gloria Estefan albums and memorabilia

Tabard is well aware of the lengths superfans will go to in order to mark their dedication to a star. These may include standing in the rain alongside the Olivier Awards red carpet to catch a glimpse of their idol or queuing for hours on end for box office returns.

But how many can say they’ve managed to get a starring role in the promotional video for their hero’s musical? Surely that is the mark of true devotion.

Well, The Stage has one such enthusiast within its very own ranks, a Gloria EsteFAN in fact – namely news editor Matt Hemley.

Hemley’s devotion to the Cuban-American singer is no secret. The journalist has already revealed in a Guardian article on superfans that he has a memorabilia collection big enough to fill a whole room and that he first caught the star’s attention 13 years ago when he gave her the gift of a Christmas pudding.

However, wanting to take it a step further, Hemley managed to conga his way on to the new promotional video for the London premiere of On Your Feet!, the musical about Gloria and her husband Emilio Estefan’s lives.

Blink and you’ll miss him… but pause the video at 47 seconds and there he is, dancing after Gloria through the street of London.

Watch the video here [1]

Well, admittedly, it actually looks more like a crazed fan chasing the singer for an autograph, but nonetheless, Tabard applauds Hemley’s efforts.

tabard@thestage.co.uk [2]

Gloria Estefan’s On Your Feet! musical comes to the West End [3]