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Diary: Alert as West End Producer rocks up latex to the party

West End Producer at The Stage Awards. Photo: Alex Brenner

This year, the great and good of Theatreland descended on London’s Bridge Theatre for The Stage Awards [1], in association with Integro Insurance Brokers Ltd, the annual ceremony recognising the finest talent and venues around the UK. Sonia Friedman was there, Tabard hears, but sadly her dogs were not in tow, as in previous years.

Shame, as they normally prove quite a crowdpleaser. So it was left to the good people at Battersea Arts Centre to entertain attendees when – after receiving the award for building of the year – one of the recipients treated the assembled crowd to some beatboxing.

If there were an award for best acceptance speech – and there should be (how meta!) – this would have won.

Everything else was fairly calm – except for a certain incident that threatened to bring the whole of the surrounding London Bridge area to a standstill.

Tabard hears that West End Producer, that acclaimed but anonymous masked figure, rocked up to the ceremony with security guards from the More London estate in hot pursuit. The Stage’s staff were told security treated this kind of thing – a masked man – as one of the biggest threats to security.

Thankfully, after sussing out with officials that the mysterious, masked being was indeed a guest at the awards, all was fine and WEP was allowed in. But it all could have been so different, couldn’t it?

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