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Diary: TV’s James Corden to star in Amnesia the Musical?

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How quickly the mighty forget. Take James Corden [1] for example, who was quoted just this week saying how much he’d love to be in a West End musical.

The Gavin and Stacey writer, who has since gone on to find fame in the US as the host of The Late Late Show, told the London Evening Standard that singing in a West End show remained one of his unfulfilled ambitions. He told the paper: “I hope I’ll be able to be in another play at some point — I’ve never been in a musical yet and that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

What’s the issue, you ask? Well, let Tabard enlighten you. Those of us in the know have been left somewhat perplexed because Corden made his West End debut in a musical. And not just any old musical – Martin Guerre, to be precise.

The reviews for that show weren’t great, but was it bad enough that he should try to put it from his mind? Tabard did have to laugh – and even more when he stumbled across an article, in the same paper a few years earlier, which was about… Corden’s West End debut.

“I was in a musical called Martin Guerre when I was 17,” Corden said, adding: “Whatever you think of my ego now, my ego at 17 was out of control. I imagined I would be in the chorus and someone would pick me out and give me a role. I was actually at the back of the stage, so far back I could touch the wall. I didn’t even have a mic in the second act. I realised then I would have to work in TV.”

Well, Tabard is sure that TV’s gain is musical theatre’s loss.

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