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Diary: Skegness searches for 5ft-tall Jimmy Osmond

Jimmy Osmond, appearing in Skegness on March 3. Photo: Twocoms/Shutterstock
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Tabard knows the Osmonds have a big fan base, but someone in Skegness seems to have taken their love of Jimmy too far.

The local theatre there, where Jimmy is soon to appear, has had a 5ft poster advertising the icon’s performance stolen.

That’s right, stolen. Quite how you rip down a 5ft poster and carry it off without being noticed is anyone’s guess, but still, it happened and Tabard is aghast.

The Embassy Theatre is confident a superfan may be to blame and has appealed for Jimmy’s safe return. The culprit is now being urged to contact the box office so the venue can “put him back for everyone to see”.

“If anyone is desperate enough to keep a piece of Jimmy (who could blame you?) we are more than happy to swop this rather large poster for some other piece of Osmond-related material,” the theatre said.

It added: “Let us know if you find him and we’ll go from there. An Osmond amnesty if you like.”

Well, Tabard sincerely hopes the poster is returned so the venue can focus on publicising the event. Heaven forbid the theatre is reduced to other tactics to highlight this concert. That would be see-through wouldn’t it? Just imagine the kind of things they could come up with.

But back to that missing giant poster. Where on earth could it be…?

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