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Diary: Sinking to new lows – icy reception for football fans at Titanic musical

Theatre and football don’t sit together that well. When they do, things don’t always hit the back of the net. Take The Beautiful Game, Andrew Lloyd Webber [1]’s effort with Ben Elton. Didn’t set the West End alight, did it? Then there’s Bend It Like Beckham [2]. Again, not a spectacular hit. So Tabard feels the two are best kept apart.

And nothing highlights this better than an incident that occurred during a performance of Titanic the Musical [3], when England played Colombia last week. According to actors in the show, some audience members could not bear to miss out on the sporting action, so took it upon themselves to watch the match, on their phones, while the cast sang its hearts out from the stage.

Actor Niall Sheehy tweeted that two women seated in the front row “not only followed the penalty shoot-out on their phone, but also said ‘yesss’ on each goal scored”. How bloody annoying. Sheehy added that the women were “the most ignorant audience members I have ever had the misfortune to perform in front of”.

Kieran Brown, also in the show, wrote:

Quite right. If you’re that interested in football coming home, stay at home.

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