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Diary: Race-y Cherry Orchard gets the Chekhov flag

A banger race track was the location for a site-specific production of The Cherry Orchard. Photo: Shutterstock

Tabard likes a site-specific piece as much as the next man, but a performance of The Cherry Orchard did catch his attention this week.

Where would a site-specific production of the show be held, you ask? In an orchard, perhaps? You might think that, but you’d be wrong. Because the production Tabard spotted, in Cornwall, is taking pace in the middle of a banger race track.

Doesn’t scream Chekhov, does it? Tabard admits he’d never heard of banger racing, and had to ask a friend to look it up on the internet. Apparently it’s where old, clapped-out cars are raced around a dirt track. Well the clue was in the title, wasn’t it?

Anyway, Miracle Theatre [1]is touring its play to a number of cherished locations, including the Minack [2] in Porthcurno, but the banger track is part of the itinerary, and one that is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Apparently, you can buy a weekender ticket that allows you to see both the play and some banger racing. Well who wouldn’t want to do that?

At least you can be sure the play isn’t clapped out, whatever the condition of the cars. Let’s just hope the actors are in working order.

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