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Diary: Pound shop for foodies at Bocca di Lupo

“The pound of flesh, which I demand of him, is deeply bought. ’Tis mine, and I will have it,” says Shylock in the fourth act of Merchant of Venice.

Perhaps not a quote to tickle the taste buds, but those left feeling peckish after a performance could briefly demand their own pound of flesh, served up by one of the premier chefs in London.

Actors’ haunt Bocca di Lupo [1] offered a “Pound of flesh menu for Shylock from the Veneto” in celebration of a recently released book of short stories inspired by The Merchant of Venice and Shylock.

Tabard congratulates it, as the menu was on theme. It offered pounded beef carpaccio, polpetta ai piselli – a big braised meatball, of course – and for desert, what else, but pound cake. Delicious.

The book it celebrated was Shylock Must Die by the great Clive Sinclair, who sadly passed away in March, just before publication. The first story, and title for the collection, followed a three-week stay in Venice for an anthology inspired by the 500th-anniversary of the Venetian ghetto.

Tabard is sure Sinclair would have been delighted with the menu. Maybe the restaurant could follow up with an entire Shakespeare-themed menu? Tabard would humbly suggest pasta with Tem-pesto, A Winter’s Kale, and Titus Andronicous cous followed by Much Ado about Muffin.

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