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Diary: What a Hull-abaloo, Mrs Slocombe

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It seems that Hull’s status of City of Culture has gone to its head.

According to reports, a local theatre company was keen to bring a stage version of Are You Being Served? to Hull Truck but was told it couldn’t after the venue claimed it was outdated and demeaning to women.

Hull Playgoers’ Society was not happy with being told that the play wasn’t suitable. Vince Matfin, from the society, told the Press Association: “We know what the public like. We did a classic recently, Cyrano de Bergerac, and lost £600. The classics don’t work.”

Hmm. Try telling that to Shakespeare’s Globe.

Matfin added that a stage production of Up Pompeii that it staged had pulled in £2,000 profit. Serious money, hey?

The rant continued: “Their new moral compass is seriously adrift, it’s the customers that pay the rent.”

But listen up, Hull Truck, if you think you’ve had the last laugh. Matfin has a message for you: he’s going to take the show somewhere else.

He said: “If Mrs Brown’s Boys is acceptable, so is Are You Being Served?”

Tabard hates to break this to you, Matfin, but there’s no planet in which Mrs Brown’s Boys is deemed acceptable. None at all.

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