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Diary: Hairy hopefuls attend canine casting call

Hairy hopefuls arrive at the Theatre Royal, York. Photo: Ian Watson
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It’s a dog’s life, isn’t it? Tabard often thinks it would be nice to only have to worry about where your next meal is coming from and who’s going to take you out for a walk.

That said, there are probably some adults who act like that too.

Tabard did enjoy seeing a group of hairy hopefuls rocking up to the Theatre Royal in Glasgow this month in the hope of being cast in the musical Legally Blonde.

Apparently, each of the 12 dogs who auditioned had five minutes to impress a judging panel, giving Tabard paws for thought. Five minutes! That’s a long time in dog minutes. What were they expected to do? Juggle? Sing I Dream a Dream? Play dead?

Deniro with owner Annis Sweeney. Photo: Ian Watson

Anyway, the judges made their decision and the lucky chosen dog was called Deniro, who was chosen because of his “laid-back attitude” apparently.

Tabard hopes it’s not too laid back. No one likes a cast member who doesn’t give their all.

And remember, Deniro: if you don’t cut it, plenty of other dogs will be ready to take your place.

That’s showbiz, kids.

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