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Diary: Gloria’s on form, whether or not you’re an Estefan

The Stage's news editor Matt Hemley and Gloria Estefan with Curve's Chris Stafford and Nikolai Foster at the season preview event. Photo: Ellie Kurttz

It was all glitz and glamour this week at Leicester Curve (when isn’t it?) as the theatre launched its new season [1] with a special guest. Members attending the launch had been told an international superstar was attending. When The Stage’s very own Matthew Hemley came on stage, many thought he was the aforementioned surprise and some audience members looked ready to get up and leave.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the real surprise guest to be announced: singing star Gloria Estefan was welcomed to the stage to talk about Curve’s co-production On Your Feet.

Dear Glo discussed the show about her life, before taking questions from the floor, the first of which came from a young boy who had been attending with his parents. He directed his question to the “woman sitting next to the man at the end” – meaning Gloria – before saying: “I don’t remember your name.” A polite Glo replied: “Well, my name is Gloria Estefan”, adding, “many years ago I did lots of concerts and we had quite a few hits”. There was lots of laughter, before Gloria answered the question on how long she had been a singer.

Gloria went on to reveal how important singing has been in her life, before telling the young boy that he should audition to be in On Your Feet. “I might not audition because I am very busy,” he said, detailing how he has school during the week and church at the weekends. “Well, you know what?” Gloria said. “Later in life you will be perfect for theatre.” That’s how to deal with random questions…

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