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Diary: Contactless cards cull cash when it comes to coughing up

Who doesn’t love a retirement do? Or, in this case, a non-retirement do. Tabard hears that a bash was held last month to mark the career of producer Paul Elliott, who previously said he was retiring only to then announce he actually wasn’t [1].

Confused? So was Tabard. Still, the producer had a do to mark the publication of a new book, Keeping My Balls in the Air, and all the great and good of Theatreland were in attendance.

But, when the guests tried to leave, Tabard hears they were forced to buy a copy of his book. And don’t think for one minute that the excuse ‘I don’t have any cash on me’ washed with Elliott, as Tabard understands that the producer actually had his own contactless payment systems, so people could use their debit cards.

Tabard notes that contactless payments are becoming a bit of a trend, too.

At a recent Acting for Others [2] event, attendees were faced with the obligatory collection bucket as they exited. And if they didn’t have cash, the charity was on hand to address the situation. How? That’s right, you’ve guessed it: contactless payment machines.

There really is no escape. So remember, don’t be tight, folks. Dig deep. Or should that be, tap generously?

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