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Diary: Barbra Streisand gives the dog a clone

Streisand's dogs at the grave of their clone mother
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Let’s face it, Barbra Streisand could do anything and be forgiven. And yes, that even extends to her version of Somewhere from West Side Story. It’s dreadful. But hey, it’s Babs. Don’t fight it.

The latest news to come out from the Streisand camp was a tad alarming, and it was met with an element of surprise and more than a touch of incredulity.

Why? Because it turns out she has had one of her beloved pets cloned.

It has emerged that cells were taken from her pet dog Samantha, before it died in 2017.

These cells were then used by Texan company ViaGen Pets in a process which produced not one, but four clones.

Two were given to close friends, and two Streisand kept and named Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet. Of course she did.

Some might argue that certain things should be left to die naturally.

Careers, for example.

But still. Fair play to Streisand for pushing the boundaries of life and trying something new. And she’s clearly seen the funny side, too.

The actor and singer joked during a recent photo shoot that the resulting picture should be captioned “Send in the Clones”.

Now that’s a song Tabard would love to hear.

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