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Diary: Aspiring new queens of Theatre Royal Haymarket get Bossy to raise lolly

The Theatre Royal Haymarket. Theatre Royal Haymarket
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This week, news broke that the Theatre Royal Haymarket, that beautiful playhouse at the heart of London, is up for sale.

Of course, not long after it emerged that the venue was on the property market, social media was filled with people joking that if they could just find enough people willing to club together…

Well, they may have been joking, but one group of theatremakers isn’t.

A dedicated group of female creatives have launched a crowdfunding campaign that is aimed at raising enough money to buy the theatre to use it as a place to “support female work”.

The collective, called Bossy, has more than 13,000 members and wants to take on the famous venue.

“All who donate will receive shares in the theatre dependent on the donation amount,” the group states.

“All shareholders will then vote in a board who will be in charge of the general running of the theatre,” it adds.

Fair play to them, and last time Tabard checked, it had raised almost £7,000 towards its ambitious £3 million total.

Though Tabard thinks the theatre may be going for slightly more than that, you can’t blame them for having a go…

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