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Diary: Audiences go bananas over fruity musicals

The cast of Bananaman the Musical at Southwark Playhouse, London. Photo: Pamela Raith

For some people, getting drunk may be the only way to sit through a musical (Guardian columnist Stuart Heritage springs to mind here, after his recent column blasted the genre [1]).

Tabard doesn’t approve, you understand, but it seems that alcohol-fuelled theatre outings are becoming a thing of the norm.

Over in Wales at Venue Cymru in Llandudno, a council report has outlined how “patrons under the influence” have been causing a nuisance for other theatregoers.

In this financial year alone there have been 16 complaints about unruly behaviour, and most relate to audiences watching a performance of The Full Monty. Tut tut.

Perhaps people attending that thought they were at a hen party, where a glass or two may normally go down well with a striptease performance.

Not in theatre, though.

And just last week reports surfaced of a drunk woman attending the Southwark Playhouse to watch a performance of Bananaman the Musical [2].

According to one Twitter user, staff at the venue had to deal with a “stupid drunken girl throwing bananas at Bananaman”.

It’s like the days of rotten-fruit throwing all over again, isn’t it? Perhaps the woman in question just didn’t rate his performance.

Still, Tabard hopes she slipped on a skin on the way out. That’d be worth seeing, even if Bananaman the Musical isn’t.

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