Diary: Dirty Dancing disaster couple get triumphant lift

Katie Harland and Lewis Griffiths in Dirty Dancing at the Churchill Theatre, London. Photo: Alistair Muir
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An overzealous couple recently made the news when they landed themselves in A&E after attempting the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing.

Now the pair have been treated to the time of their lives after the theatre production invited them along to see the show and meet the cast.

As lifelong fans of the 1980s film, Sharon Price and her fiance Andy Price wanted to perform the classic move at their wedding.

The couple, who are both grandparents, rehearsed in a pub beer garden, however their attempt went spectacularly wrong when Andy was knocked unconscious and Sharon was left bruised, sprawled on the ground beside him.

Relatives caught the whole thing on camera and, after realising it was not a joke, called 999.

Sounds like a sorry tale, but when Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story Live on Stage heard of the couple’s plight, it decided to step in and lift them out of their gloom.

Sharon and Andy were invited to the Princess Theatre in Torquay to watch the show, which they thought was “absolutely brilliant”.

They said: “How they did that lift and made it look so easy we will never know.”

A spokesperson for the production said: “Lewis Griffiths and Katie Eccles, who play Johnny and Baby, perform the famous lift night after night, so can certainly be considered experts in it. They were happy to demonstrate the lift for Andy and Sharon backstage after the show, so they could get a look close-up of how it’s meant to be done.”

Tabard is glad things worked out well, but can’t help but feel that ‘the lift’ should come with a safety warning in the future.

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