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Diary: Wrong kind of power surge at the Bridge Theatre

Spare a thought this week for Nicholas Hytner. Not content with presiding over the temperamental revolve in the problematic Olivier auditorium at the National Theatre for 12 years, the superstar director decided to build a revolve into the stage of his new purpose-built commercial theatre, the Bridge.

The theatre opened a month ago to great fanfare and great approval. It’s a stunning achievement by Hytner and his business partner Nick Starr, surely two of the most competent people in the theatre world.

But all did not quite go to plan at a performance of the theatre’s inaugural production Young Marx last week. Shortly into the show, the revolve got stuck.

Bridge Theatre cancels Young Marx performance due to technical difficulties with stage revolve [1]

After a long interval, which gave audience members an extended opportunity to sample the theatre’s exquisite madeleines (good enough to make anyone forgive a small technical difficulty), the poor company manager had to take to the stage with lead cast member Rory Kinnear to explain that the show was off.

A ‘power surge’ was the explanation. At first Tabard thought that referred to the fact that so many showbiz movers and shakers have been flocking to the new venue, but apparently not.

Poor Nicks. Tabard feels sorry for them. After all, it wasn’t quite the ‘revolution’ in theatre they were hoping for…

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