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Diary: Savour Benedict Cumberbatch’s tasty chocolate bottom this Easter

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With Easter just around the corner, Tabard knew you would be wondering what the most stagey, chocolate-based Easter treat 2017 has got up its sleeve. Well, wonder no more. Picture this – the holy one himself, carved out of chocolate, sporting bunny ears and a cute little bow tie.

It really is the ultimate item to celebrate the resurrection of our saviour. Our saviour, I hear you say?! No, not the religious one. The other one.

Tabard is, of course, referring to Benedict Cumberbatch, who has been transformed for this most celebratory time of year into, drum roll please, the Cumberbunny.

Created by bespoke chocolate artists Chocolatician, it’s like the Lindt bunny gone rogue. A sculpted chocolate head – bearing a genuinely impressive likeness to the Batch himself – sits atop a chocolate rabbit’s body. Alarmingly large bunny ears sprout from his luscious chocolatey locks, and the Cumberbunny completes his look with a natty bow tie – covered in 22-carat gold of course (It’s not £50 (!!!) for nothing).

Purchasers of this fine, slightly creepy specimen can have their own Cumberbunny made to order, in dark, milk or white chocolate.

With “a handsome face and tasty bottom”, how could anyone say no to sinking their teeth into 400g of pure unadulterated Cumberbatch. They’re made individually on request so get in there quick. Plus, every Cumberbunny is finished by hand. Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

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