Diary: Phantom on a budget at Perth Theatre

Photo: Alex Tosh
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For those who can’t afford a ticket to see The Phantom of the Opera, Tabard may have found a cheaper alternative.

The Phantom of Perth Theatre recently made a fleeting appearance as the Scottish venue undergoes renovation works.

You’re likely feeling dubious, or suspicious this is some kind of publicity stunt. Well, fear not, because there is indisputable evidence to prove this apparition exists.

Front-of-house worker at the theatre Alex Tosh managed to capture The Woman in White on camera for the very first time.

While at first she appears to be a silvery smudge, once you zoom in to the photo you’ll see a looming, faceless figure for sure.

Not only that, but the sighting was reported in the trustworthy Scottish Sun, therefore it must be true.

Tosh told the Sun: “We have always known of tales of ghosts but I personally have never encountered one, until looking back at the picture the following day.

When the supernatural snap was posted online, some suggested it may be the infamous ‘grey lady of Perth’ – the ghost of a former barmaid who is said to haunt the gods of the theatre.

Actor Colin McCredie tweeted: “The famous ‘grey lady’ of Perth Theatre, I believe!”

Others were quick to recall their haunting memories of the phantom barmaid, with Fiona Waite writing: “I worked there in the late 1980s and didn’t like going up to the gods on my own!”

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