Diary: Mark Watson could teach Andrew Lloyd Webber a think or two

Comedian Mark Watson
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We are always told how important it is to make the arts accessible to those living outside the London bubble. Well, Tabard has caught wind of a clever trick that theatre producers could take on board to bring their work to previously neglected places.

Comedian Mark Watson has thought up the very sensible idea of only touring to locations beginning with his initials M or W – as they have already shown a commitment to his work by simply having names beginning with those letters in the first place.

Watson came up with the plan after realising there were some places in the country he hadn’t yet visited. So he will be travelling to locations including Monmouth, Wyllyotts Theatre in Potters Bar, Whitehaven, and the double-point-scoring Middle Wallop on his latest tour.

Tabard thinks Andrew Lloyd Webber could learn a thing or two from this with his touring musicals. Unfortunately, he’s missed the boat when programming the dates for the upcoming tour of Sunset Boulevard.

Maybe next time he needs to get a show on the road he could jump on the bandwagon and only tour to locations beginning with A, L and W. This could take him off the beaten track to exciting new territories such as the Welsh town of Abergele, the fishing town of Lossiemouth in Scotland or Windermere in the Lake District.

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