Diary: Legless at the Lyric

Carmarthen's Lyric Theatre Carmarthen's Lyric Theatre
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Tabard learned this week of an appalling crime that Carmarthen’s Lyric Theatre was victim to back in April.

Late one Friday night, as the town came alive with the sounds of shouting and the smells of emesis, a 21-year-old woman approached the theatre’s front doors and smashed a pane of glass just a few inches square.

She crawled in through the small hole, found a computer monitor and threw it on the floor. Then she went home.

During a hearing at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court last week, asked to explain her actions, the woman said she did “stupid things when she was drunk”.

The prosecutor helpfully pointed out that “she had been intoxicated at the time”, with the defence solicitor telling the court that she “tended to drink too much at weekends with friends but had confined her drinking to her home since the offence in April,” according to Wales Online.

She was ordered to pay £158.90 in compensation to the council, £85 in court costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

Tabard just hopes that the theatre world can recover from such an atrocious act.

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