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Diary: Kaiser chief avoids a riot

Cate Blanchett in her Broadway debut The Present at the beginning of the year

To the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards now, where all the great and good of Theatreland were in attendance.

The great and good, and Ricky Wilson from band Kaiser Chiefs, Tabard should say.

Tabard hears that a rather awkward Ricky was on the red carpet when he spotted Hollywood star Cate Blanchett heading his way.

What followed was a cringe-inducing moment of the highest degree.

“I’m Ricky,” he chirped, to a bemused Cate. “You’re incredible,” he continued. “Likewise,” she politely replied. Before Ricky added: “No, no I’m not. You don’t know who I am. I try to be incredible on a daily basis.”

But then things really turned awkward.

“Can I tell you a secret about what I am wearing tonight,” he said, to which an embarrassed Cate retorted: “No, no I don’t think so. Maybe later, when they [the press] aren’t listening.”

Apparently Ricky later tried to resume his chat with Cate within the ceremony itself.

But her security thought he was an over-zealous fan and quickly ushered him away.

Given what had happened earlier in the evening, Tabard feels that was the best for everyone.

It was his band, after all, that predicted a riot, was it not?

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