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Diary: Fuschia feline fuels foreign fur fears

Photo: CEN/VK
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Oh those Russians, as Boney M once said. What have they been up to this time, Tabard hears you ask? They have painted a cat pink for the purposes of theatre.

It was, according to dubious accounts in the Mirror newspaper (is that a tautology?), the idea of a theatre company called the Theatre of Trained Animals. Based in Russia’s Kemerovo Oblast region – Tabard knows it well, lovely holidaying spot – the company specialises in working with schools and nurseries.

And for one of its shows, after a punter had complained that the company’s grey cat looked like a stray off the street, it decided to paint the moggy a rather gaudy shade of magenta.

Why not? They spray-paint sheep, don’t they? Well, according to animal rights’ campaigners, cats can poison themselves by licking the paint off their fur, thereby ingesting harmful amounts of toxin.

The cat, known as Boss, is reportedly feline fine, because the Theatre of Trained Animals used non-toxic paint. Phew.

Readers of The Stage that happen to be in the Kemerovo Oblast region of Russia and looking for a bit of entertainment can hire one of three animals for a performance: Boss the cat, a monkey named Mister Dodo, or a dog called Charlie. You’ve got to be kitten me.

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