Diary: Beat the fringe for £2k

The Royal Mile during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Photo: Jan Kranendonk/Shutterstock
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You would be forgiven for thinking that the world stops turning in August, such is the pull of the all-consuming Edinburgh Fringe. It starts slowly, in about late June, as a whisper that grows until August when the hysteria peaks.

But every year it’s the same: what starts off as optimism, excitement and anticipation begins to dissipate as the exhaustion sets in and the rain starts wearing you down (maybe even literally, it’s hard to tell when you haven’t eaten a vegetable in a week).

Ordinary human beings turn zombie-like, ravenous in their pursuit of a review from Lyn Gardner. No one knows what day of the week it is, what time it is, where they’ve just been or where they’re going, and that’s only after the first week. How many shows you’ve seen in the past 24 hours becomes the only real currency.

But don’t despair valiant fringe-goers, for those of you desperate to beat last year’s record, help is at hand. The good people at fringe app Plan My Fringe have done all the hard work for you, organising the precise schedule you need to stuff in as many shows as is humanly possible across the 25 days.

It’s 314 in case you’re wondering, averaging 12 and a half shows a day. Completing the challenge will cost you £1,877.50 though, so you probably couldn’t eat for a while after, but just imagine the bragging rights.

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