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Tabard: A strop in the spotlight

Jim Davidson. Photo: Transangst
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Jim Davidson. Opinion is divided on his comedic talents. Many find him funny; many more don’t. And now added to that latter list is the staff of the Assembly Hall Theatre in Kent, where he performed earlier this month and was accused of being rude to employees.

According to press reports, the former Generation Game presenter has since been banned from performing there again. In a statement, the venue said: “Irrespective of Jim Davidson’s rudeness to the theatre staff and negative comments about the venue, for commercial reasons it is unlikely the theatre management would have booked him for future dates.”

Apparently much of the drama was caused when Davidson fell into conflict with a lighting engineer at the venue.

Davidson claims the engineer had a “strop” and turned the stage lights off, leaving him in the dark for much of his performance. Tabard thinks that sounds like the best way to see him.

If only the sound engineer had followed suit.