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Brightman waiting in the sky

Brightman in Phantom of the Opera Sarah Brightman in Phantom of the Opera
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Everyone must have heard by now of Sarah Brightman’s plans to launch herself into space.

The singer is now planning a 10-day visit to the International Space Station, and has started the training that will prepare her for the event. Apparently, Brightman is paying around £34 million to become the eighth space tourist and first professional singer there. Who knew playing Christine in Phantom paid so handsomely?

Ahead of her visit, Brightman has organised her very own press conference, which will take place next week. Tabard has no idea what Brightman is planning to announce. Hopefully it will be that a fully staged Phantom production will be mounted in space, or that she is taking Andrew Lloyd Webber with her for a laugh.

Announcing her decision to visit space, Brightman said: “This voyage is a product of a dream: my dream. Finally it can be a reality. I am more excited about this than anything I have done in my life to date.” So are we, Brightman. So are we.