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Freeze a jolly good fellow in online charity larks

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Everyone knows that to become an internet sensation one must just do something foolish, ask a friend to film said foolish thing and then post it online. But those of you who secretly desire to become part of web history but don’t want to be labelled with the ‘silly’ tag, an opportunity has arisen: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This fundraising stunt – which involves either donating money to motor-  neurone disease charity the ALS Association or drenching yourself in cold water – now has a theatrical spin.

Thanks to the ever-inspiring @westendproducer, a new version has been suggested: the #ALWicebucketchallenge. This involves singing an Andrew Lloyd Webber song while being soaked in icy water. And the first to be dared are Michael Ball, Elaine Paige and John Partridge.

Tabard suspects it could  be a long wait before the trio takes on this challenge. In the meantime, cast members from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have already endured the more standard ice bucket dare. Addressing a crowd outside the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Alex Jennings encouraged people to make donations before he and others were showered in ice cubes.

He also kindly passed on the baton by nominating fellow musicals Wicked, The Lion King and Shrek.

Going by Jennings’  transition from manic smile  to screaming, Tabard suspects that no matter how worthwhile the cause, the domain  of the internet sensation  will always be ruled by the crazy types.