Wheeler shows the mark of a charitable man

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Innovative fundraising for the arts is to be encouraged and celebrated. Tabard knows that. After all, we are in tough financial times, as everyone keeps saying.

However, a new campaign being run by learning-disability theatre company Mind the Gap has taken this concept far beyond the realms of sponsor-a-seat or friends schemes. This campaign involves the donation of money in exchange for a permanent ink mark to be imprinted upon the body of the company’s artistic director. That’s correct – one is talking about a tattoo, dear readers.

The gentleman in question, Tim Wheeler, has agreed to a logo of the company he co-founded being fused on to his flesh as part of Mind the Gap’s 25th anniversary fundraising campaign. And – even more unbelievable – he has agreed that the larger the money pot, the higher up his body will be the emblem.

For this, Wheeler has devised his own ‘tattoo thermometer’ to explain how the fundraising will work. If he raises the minimum amount, £25, it will go on his toe (boring). However, if he reaches his ultimate target of £250,000 to create a new national touring show for the company, the tattoo – which comprises a speech mark saying “Mind the Gap” – will be placed upon his head.

Currently, donations have reached the £350 mark, which represents a tattoo on the knee and extra workshops for young people. Tabard is sure that readers can help him do better than that. It’s for a very important cause, after all.