Viral dance craze shows how the mighty are fallen

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We’ve seen the rise of Korean pop song Gangnam Style and the dance craze that followed. Everyone from Olympics sporting heroes Team GB to singer Britney Spears has performed a version of their own, complete with galloping dance steps. But despite the humiliating and ungainly movements, there is yet more demand for this bunkum.

That’s right, another dancing fad is taking the world by storm – and it goes by the name of the Harlem Shake.

Created by American dance music producer Baauer, the track of the same name has become the inspiration for groups of people strutting their stuff to the song before posting versions on video website YouTube.

Now, even the creme de la creme of UK talent are lowering themselves to this nonsense.

With great sadness, Tabard discovered that members of the Royal Opera company recently posted a video of themselves jumping around and shaking their backsides to the Harlem Shake. In the middle of rehearsals for Verdi’s Nabucco. In full costume.

It gets worse. English National Ballet has also succumbed. In their version, a dancer interrupts Act II of Sleeping Beauty by falling to the floor in her tutu and thrashing her legs around wildly, before the whole company spasms to the music in mismatched outfits.

Outrageous. What is the world coming to?