Theatrical pair anticipate the pond of marriage

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It may well just be that sentimentality kicks in with old age, but Tabard can’t resist a heartwarming romantic tale these days. It’s true. Stick a romcom on, preferably one starring Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston, and Tabard won’t move from the sofa. Talk about guilty pleasures. Lots of tissues are used on such nights, Tabard isn’t ashamed to admit.

So was absolutely over the moon to learn about a couple down in Somerset who got engaged during a performance of The Wind in the Willows at the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre in Taunton.

The couple in question were Steve Bartin and Dawn Bradley, although Dawn did not know she would be leaving the theatre that night as an engaged woman. It was all Steve’s doing. He actually contacted the venue to tell them of his plan, with the theatre then deciding that the production’s story should be tweaked slightly to allow the loved-up bathroom fitter to propose onstage, in front of everyone.

And so it was that actor Fred Broom, playing Toad, pulled Dawn up to the stage to ask for her hand in marriage, only for Steve – whose own nickname is Tivvy Toad, Tabard should point out – to bound on, get down on one knee and ask Dawn to be his wife.

Well, Tabard can only imagine the tense drama as the audience awaited her response. Luckily for Steve, she accepted and the pair are now due to get married in 2014. Wonderful.