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The hour of hocus-pocus arrives as wannabes look to wizardry

So, International Magicians’ Day has just been and gone, and professional illusionist Dynamo has won best entertainment programme at the Broadcast Awards 2013 for his show Magician Impossible. Plus, he beat Derren Brown and his programme The Experiments – the Assassin to the prize.

That makes two magicians in a category that otherwise mainly comprised reality/panel/game shows, such as Britain’s Got Talent, Celebrity Juice and Take Me Out. This got Tabard thinking – if magicians are about to have their moment on TV, how could others join the crusade?

By starting with the International Brotherhood of Magicians, it seems, which is the official group for all those dedicated to the art of magic. Firstly, Tabard notes one must join a ring – or local circle of fellow performers. According to the brotherhood’s website, it has 15,000 members in 88 countries, with Britain’s ring being the largest.

And there are plenty of goals to aim for once within the brotherhood. The Order of Merlin Shield – for those with 35 years’ continuous membership – is very appealing to Tabard. There is also mention of a ‘broken wand ceremony’, which conjured images of Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat. However, it turns out this is the opposite of an initiation and is actually designed to honour magicians that have passed away.

With all these milestones to reach, Tabard had better sign up and start improving. How else will dreams of walking on water like Dynamo ever be realised?