Raise money and burn calories? It’s a grand idea

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Eat one too many mince pies over Christmas, did we? Feeling a little flabby around the waist? Tabard knows how you feel. It’s impossible to resist those treats over the festive period.

Never mind, though. It’s a new year, which means a new you, possibly. And maybe, like Tabard, you’ve been wondering how you can burn off those extra puddings. Tabard has already bought a few of those so-called exercise DVDs to help burn off some of the excess. Now all Tabard needs is a DVD player, because videos are still the norm in this house, and the nice lady in HMV said they haven’t made those in years. Remarkable.

Exercise DVDs aside, however, and anyone looking for a challenge might like to consider something bigger, such as a marathon. That’s right – a 26-mile run with other like-minded souls. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And how about this? TACT, otherwise known as The Actors’ Charitable Trust, has unexpectedly found itself with three Golden Bond places available for the London event on April 21. All they ask is that you raise a minimum of £1,000 for their cause. Tabard thinks that sounds very achievable and would certainly sponsor anyone a pound. Maybe two.

Sadly, Tabard won’t be able to run with you. The hips have been playing up lately, and the doctor has warned not to do too much. Good luck to anyone who decides to take part, however. Now get that lycra out and start training.