Another audience member falls for Derren’s tricks

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Derren Brown – master of all surprises – had a shock of his own recently, Tabard hears. During a performance of his latest show, Infamous, which is running at the Palace Theatre in the West End, an audience member was pushed off the balcony.

Brown said via his Facebook page afterwards that the man fell and caught the upper circle on his way down, and was left hanging from it. He added that the theatregoer was now “fine”, but that it was a “terrifying” occurrence.

And who was responsible for this man’s reportedly four-metre descent from the highest tier in the house? His wife, of course. Brown explained on his social media account that she pushed her husband as a “joke”.

Reports in the press point out that the Palace Theatre website warns guests not to sit in the highest tier if they are scared of heights or have limited mobility. Perhaps they should add an extra line, “and especially if guests have impulsive partners with a peculiar sense of humour”.