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Dead good idea could reanimate gallery visits

Tabard likes the odd trip to a museum, but often feels that some venues could jazz themselves up ever so slightly – though not to the extent that people scribble on famous art works. That’s clearly just wrong. And stupid.

Delighted, therefore, to hear that the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery – Where’s that? In Bristol, of course – will this month be transformed for one night into a “cabaret spectacular”, complete with “acrobatic dancing circus princess Lin Broden” – one of Tabard’s favourites – and something called Batpig, referred to as a “surreal drag animal”. Frankly, that sounds downright weird. And a little disconcerting. Men in drag is one thing, but animals? Heaven help us.

Still, for anyone not into animals in drag, the night will also feature a pole dancing unicorn – no lie – and someone simply known as Lady Lilleth, who will bring with her a selection of performing reptiles.

Apparently, one doesn’t have to dress up to attend this event, but those who do are advised to obey the dress code of “disco bloodbath, dead famous couples and kitsch horror”. Tabard needs clarification, however. Does ‘dead famous couples’ mean couples who are super famous and still alive, or deceased couples who were reasonably well known? Please clarify. It makes a difference to Tabard’s costume.