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What are the best shows of the Edinburgh Fringe 2019?

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 is now underway. Our expert, resident reviewing team pick the best theatre shows of the Edinburgh Fringe so far. This selection will be updated throughout the festival, as more Edinburgh Fringe shows are reviewed.

Yuck Circus

Underbelly Circus Hub, 16.00

Joyful explosion of contemporary all-female circus

Yuck Circus review at Underbelly Circus Hub, Edinburgh – ‘joyful explosion of all-female acrobatics and clowning’ [1]

An Evening Without Kate Bush

Voodoo Rooms, 16.40

Joyous celebration of fandom, performed with warmth and authenticity

An Evening Without Kate Bush review at Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – ‘joyous celebration of fandom’ [2]

Baby Reindeer

Summerhall, times vary

Comedian Richard Gadd moves into theatre with a stunning, intense performance

Baby Reindeer review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘a stunning, intense performance’ [3]


Pleasance Grand, 13.00

Acutely observed piece of physical theatre suited to an international audience

Fishbowl review at Pleasance Grand, Edinburgh – ‘acutely observed physical theatre’ [4]


Traverse, times vary

Provocative, brilliantly written and performed piece about art, appropriation and the ownership of stories

Mouthpiece review at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh – ‘triumphant return for Kieran Hurley’s astute play’ [5]

First Time

Summerhall, 16.15

Vibrant piece of confessional theatre that’s both moving and educational

First Time review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘moving and educational’ [6]

Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum with Expats

Summerhall, 20.05

Sh!t Theatre’s irreverent, energetic, rum-fuelled new show is the company’s best yet

Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum with Expats review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘political theatre at its most raucous’ [7]

Pink Lemonade

Assembly Roxy, 15.45

Mika Johnson’s got the juice in this fully squeezed spoken-word theatre piece exploring sexuality, queer desire and sour relationships

Pink Lemonade review at Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh – ‘Mika Johnson’s got the juice’ [8]


Pleasance Courtyard, 16.30

Wrenching monologue about the death of a black man by police brutality with an excellent performance from Richard Blackwood

Typical review at Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh – ‘makes you want to shout at the injustice’ [9]

Are We Not Drawn Onward to New ErA

Zoo Southside, 11.00

Palindromic show from Belgian theatremakers Ontroerend Goed explores climate change in a fascinating way

Are We Not Drawn Onward to New ErA review at Zoo Southside, Edinburgh – ‘fascinating palindromic drama’ [10]

Do Our Best

Underbelly Cowgate, 14.50

Bizarre and brilliant monologue about a narcissistic Girl Guide written and performed by Remy Beasley

Do Our Best review at Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh – ‘bizarre and brilliant’ [11]


Assembly Roxy, 18.35

Devastatingly downbeat depiction of a father-daughter relationship, featuring two fine performances from Sophie Melville and Nigel Barrett

Pops review at Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh – ‘devastatingly downbeat’ [12]

The Incident Room

Pleasance Two, 14.30

An intelligent and interesting docu-drama about the hunt for The Yorkshire Ripper from London’s New Diorama Theatre

The Incident Room review at the Pleasance, Edinburgh – ‘intelligent and compelling’ [13]

Hitler’s Tasters

Greenside Infirmary Street, 18.35

Slick, smart, intriguingly anachronistic play set in Nazi Germany

Hitler’s Tasters review at Greenside, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh – ‘slick, smart and unsettling’ [14]

The Last of the Pelican Daughters

Pleasance Beyond, 16.40

Moving, devised play about the complexity of sibling relationship that contains some beautiful moments

The Last of the Pelican Daughters review at Pleasance, Edinburgh – ‘beautiful moments’ [15]


Summerhall, 16.50

Riveting performances of women who have nothing left to lose in dark, daring play

Shit review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘riveting performances’ [16]

Sea Sick

CanadaHub, 12.30

Informative, eloquent and galvanising performance lecture about climate change

Sea Sick review at CanadaHub, Edinburgh – ‘eloquent and galvanising’ [17]

All of Me

Summerhall, 15.10

Caroline Horton’s astonishing show evokes the cyclical nature of depression

All of Me review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘astonishing and overwhelming’ [18]

Bost-Uni Plues

Greenside Infirmary Street, 19.35

A riotously fun, clown show about post-uni blues from Liverpool-based company Ugly Bucket

Bost-Uni Plues review at Greenside, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh – ‘riotously fun, clown show’ [19]

Wild Swimming

Beneath at Pleasance Courtyard, 12.45

A confident, comedic, time-travelling exploration of gender rights, power and history

Wild Swimming review at Beneath, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh – ‘confident comedic exploration of gender rights’ [20]

Who Cares

Summerhall, 18.20

Another vital, vibrant show from verbatim theatre company Lung, about the difficulties faced by young carers

Who Cares review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘tear-jerking throughout’ [21]

Bobby and Amy

Pleasance Courtyard, 12.45

Moving story about foot-and-mouth disease with two superb performances

Bobby and Amy review at Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh – ‘moving and nostalgic’ [22]

Crocodile Fever

Traverse Theatre, times vary

Gleefully dark and gory comedy set in Northern Ireland in the 1980s

Crocodile Fever review at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh – ‘gleefully dark and gory comedy’ [23]

Until the Flood

Traverse Theatre, times vary

A sensitive and moving exercise in documentary theatre about the Ferguson shooting and its aftermath

Until the Flood review at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh – ‘sensitive and moving documentary theatre’ [24]


Assembly Roxy, 13.20

A hypnotically performed play about one woman’s gradually unravelling

Collapsible review at Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh – ‘Breffni Holahan is mesmeric’ [25]

Cotton Fingers

Summerhall, 12.15

A crisp production and moving performance give voice to a Belfast teen changing her path in light of Ireland’s referendum on abortion

Cotton Fingers review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘powerful and poetic’ [26]

A Table Tennis Play

Underbelly, 12.30

An offbeat, distinctive and moving play that reaffirms Sam Steiner as one of the most exciting new writers around

A Table Tennis Play review at Underbelly, Edinburgh – ‘studded with moments of magic’ [27]