Are you a genuine musical theatre nerd? Take this simple quiz

Can you name three more Strallen sisters? Photo: Tristram Kenton
Mark Shenton
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The other day I came across a little online quiz to help people see if they qualify as bona fide musical theatre nerds. It was written from the point of view of an American, though some of the questions it poses might well apply to readers here.

Those questions included:

Your walls are covered in posters/playbills/not-at-all-creepy hair shrines to Bernadette Peters.


When on your birthday someone asks how it feels to be a year older, you sing in a creepy hag voice, “I am old, I am ugly, I embarrass you, you are ashamed of meee...”

And of course you know that both those questions are related and have someone in common – but can you also name the three people who've played the Witch in London productions?

I thought it might be fun to set a quiz from the perspective of a British fan, of which that question is the first, along with 19 others:

  1. Name the three people who've played the Witch in the major London productions of Into the Woods (at the Phoenix, Donmar Warehouse and Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park).
  2. Name the four Strallen sisters. Bonus points for naming their mother and actress aunt.
  3. Who has written more musicals with Andrew Lloyd Webber than any other collaborator?
  4. What shows do Ramin Karimloo, John Owen Jones, Earl Carpenter and Peter Karrie have in common?
  5. What role has been played by Michael Ball, Ramin Karimloo, Hadley Fraser and John Barrowman?
  6. What role has been played by John Barrowman, Earl Carpenter, Ramin Karimloo and Ben Goddard?
  7. Which musical theatre actor has won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical the most times?
  8. Which two actors have won the Laurence Olivier Award for playing the same role of Sweeney Todd (but in different productions)?
  9. Whose understudies gave more performances in the role in a major National Theatre revival of a Broadway musical than its star did? And what were the names of the understudies?
  10. Who has played both Glinda and Elphaba in the London production of Wicked? And who has played Elphaba on both Broadway and in the West End?
  11. Kiss Me, Kate is currently running at the Old Vic. When it was last done at the same theatre in 1987, in a production that transferred from the Royal Shakespeare Company, who played Kate?
  12. The RSC are transferring Matilda to Broadway in March; what was the last musical they moved there? And how long did it run?
  13. The film version of Les Miserables is released in the UK this Friday. Who played the roles of Valjean and Javert, being played in the film by Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, in the original RSC production, the 10th anniversary Royal Albert Hall concert, the 25th anniversary O2 gala, and the 25th anniversary touring production?
  14. Which roles has Elaine Paige played on Broadway? And which role has she played at New York City Opera?
  15. Which shows has Patti LuPone appeared in in London?
  16. Which British musical star has also appeared on Broadway under the name Dame Edith Shorthouse in a short-lived flop?
  17. In which show did Sheridan Smith make her West End debut in 1997? And what role did she play?
  18. Name the Sondheim musicals that Maria Friedman has starred in – and another she has directed (that she has also previously appeared in).
  19. Name the Sondheim musicals that Daniel Evans has starred in.
  20. Which show holds the record for the longest running musical revival of all time in the West End? And which show holds the record for the longest running American musical of all time in the West End?

Please do not post any answers below here, or it will spoil the fun for others!

Editor's note: The answers are now available.