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Alexandra Silber
Stuart Piper
Stuart Piper is managing director of Cole Kitchenn Personal Management Ltd
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I enjoy writing my online column for The Stage, but I enjoy reading others even more.

There are so many lists on Twitter of favourite showbiz tweeters, groups on Facebook and LinkedIn linking to recommended pages and people, but I haven't found many lists of theatrical bloggers, so here are a few of my favourites:

My Life in a So Called Box


This is the funniest blog I read. The description reads: "I work for a box office that sells West End Theatre tickets. Since 2008 I have been documenting my experiences and interactions with the public. They are collated here"

Here are my favourite recent posts from the anonymous blogger


C: Is Dirty Dancing on today?

Me: Yeah at 7.30.

C: 7.30 in the morning?

Me: Correct, you’ll need to buy the tickets and a time machine.


“Yuck no, I don’t want to see Matilda. It’s about a load of gays!” – oh wow.



If they are male, European, and aged between teens to late forties – they are looking for tickets to see We Will Rock You.


London Still - Alexandra Silber


Alexandra is an American actress who trained in Scotland and began her career starring in the West End in The Woman in White before rocking my world in Fiddler on the Roof. This extraordinarily intelligent young lady caught the eye of a literary agent who googled her name after seeing her in Fiddler and found this blog. Having read every word, she offered her representation and achieved her a major publishing deal. Before she becomes a major literary force internationally, I recommend you enjoy her whimsical and often deeply personal tales posted on this page


Proving brevity is often power, on 16th August she simply posted the following quote, which I often relay to my clients since:

Comparison is the thief of joy - Theodore Roosevelt


Lyn Gardner - TheatreBlog


Some of the recent entries on this blog by one of the UK's leading critics include such provocative titles as "Does The National Theatre Have a Problem With Women", the thought stimulating "Can a play ever be too short?" and the interesting "West End previews, are we paying too much?". The agenda is often set here.

Mark Shenton - Shenton's View


Chances are, if you're reading this, you're reading him, and so little explanation is needed, only that Mark has firmly secured his place as the country's premier blogger - a position solidified by his informative appearances on the brilliant Channel 4 documentary The Sound of Musicals in which his words are always wise. A documentary executive produced by...

Arlene Phillips - A Life in Dance


Arlene turned 70 with a bang earlier this year, despite looking like someone in their 50's, and having more energy than anyone I've represented. She is nothing short of an inspiration. Her blog is a fascinating insight into her varied career that spans so many areas of our industry, and if ever I'm looking for a bit of inspiration, I find myself dipping into it. I recommend you do the same.