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Leading drama schools come together to offer joint audition at reduced rate

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Three London drama schools are offering aspiring performers the chance to audition for all of them on one day, for a flat rate of £30.

Drama Studio London, the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and Italia Conti are working together for the first time on the initiative, which will target people living in Newcastle upon Tyne and Doncaster. According to the schools, these two areas would benefit the most from the reduced audition fees, based on Arts Council England research. The auditions are at Newcastle College on March 30 and Doncaster Little Theatre on March 31.

Last month, Manchester’s Arden School of Theatre scrapped audition fees to make them more accessible.

Manchester’s Arden Theatre School drops audition fees to broaden access to drama training

ALRA principal Adrian Hall said; “We know that it’s expensive to audition for drama school. There’s quite a bit of funding available once you secure a place but just getting to the audition can be too much of a financial strain for some. The lowest fee just for an audition is about £35 and then there’s the additional travel costs and you’ll possibly need overnight accommodation too.”

He added: “This means that the very first step towards professional actor training – the audition – can be the biggest barrier of all, and many talented performers never get the chance to fulfil their potential. This event in Newcastle is an attempt to break down that barrier.” Italia Conti programmes director Richard Mulholland added “We are determined to make it as easy as possible for young people to have the opportunity to train at a leading performing arts conservatoire and follow in the steps of our famous alumni.”

He said the school would be offering auditions for its acting and musical theatre courses on the day, snd said people could audition for both.

“We hope that this will be the first of many such days and look forward to discovering some exciting new talent,” he said. Drama Studio London managing director Kit Thacker said: “It is vital for students, the schools, the profession and audiences that actors reflect all of society. Auditionees must be chosen on talent, passion and the ability to work with others; never on income or any other irrelevant distinction.”

He added: “Drama Studio London have teamed up with Italia Conti and ALRA to help with audition fees and travel costs, an initiative to begin to push that barrier aside.”

Applications for the auditions close on March 26. See school websites for details:

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