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Stunt casting is bad for the theatre industry – The Stage poll

YouTube star Tanya Burris best known for her vlog series

Nearly 90% of people responding to a poll by The Stage think stunt casting is a negative activity for theatre.

The online survey followed debate around the practice of casting well-known names, sometimes with little theatre experience, to attract audiences. It was prompted by the announcement that YouTube star Tanya Burr, best known for her beauty vlog series, will be starring in a production at Southwark Playhouse.

Just 13% of the 604 people responding to the poll [1] said they thought stunt casting was good for the theatre industry, with 87% disagreeing.

In a column for The Stage published last week, Mark Shenton questioned whether Burr’s casting [2] – in a revival of Judy Upton’s Confidence – is helpful to the industry.

“If anyone with a big Instagram and Twitter following can be thrown into the lead of a play, what’s the point of real actors learning and honing their craft?” he said.

Others argued that stunt casting is a way of diversifying audiences and creating a gateway for those who might not otherwise buy a ticket.