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Ruby Wax tour producer calls for industry boycott of Peterborough’s Broadway Theatre

Broadway Theatre in Peterborough

A producer claiming to be owed money by Peterborough’s Broadway Theatre has called for a boycott of the venue until its collapsed former operator has paid all alleged creditors.

Claims against the former manager Performance Art Ventures, run by Mark Ringer, now total more than £100,000 [1].

Earlier this month, PAV announced it had gone bust due to “unrecoverable financial difficulties”.

Production company Lakin McCarthy, which was behind a recent tour of comedian Ruby Wax’s show Frazzled, previously told the Stage that the company was owed £10,000 in box office income for a performance of the show at the Broadway on April 17.

Other claimants include Peterborough City Council, which claims to be owed £68,000 in business rates, as well as other producers and former contractors who have worked at the venue.

A letter to The Stage said: “Lakin McCarthy calls for the entertainment industry and its professional bodies to boycott the Broadway Theatre, Peterborough, until all creditors have been paid, including ex-staff, Peterborough City Council, and companies, such as Lakin McCarthy, with entirely legitimate contracts in place.”

The letter criticises comments made by the theatre’s owner, Peter Dawe, in a previous article [2], in which Dawe stated that the acts that had performed at the Broadway were “as culpable as PAV” for the venue’s failure.

Lakin McCarthy added: “We are alarmed at the news that the Dawe Charitable Trust is taking over the sole running of the venue, as Mr Dawe’s comments reveal his total lack of understanding of the business he is proposing to manage.

“We must ask this question: Is this man a fit and proper person to be running a theatre?”

The Broadway Theatre is owned by Rinaldo Fasulo and leased to the Dawe Charitable Trust, which had been subletting the venue to PAV.

Richard Lambert, producer of Skin Deep – The Musical, another show that claims to be owed money by PAV, concurred that “all shows should boycott the venue until it has paid its creditors”.

Lambert added that he has now filed a legal claim against PAV for more than £1,000 in box office income.

Read the letter from Lakin McCarthy in full here [3].