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Paule Constable calls for more opportunities for emerging designers

Lighting designer Paule Constable has called on theatres to provide more training opportunities for emerging designers.

Constable was speaking at The Stage Debut Awards 2018 [1], where she presented the best designer award to Khadija Raza.

Constable said: “There should be more opportunities for designers to work on a body of work and more bursaries.

“At the moment it’s very informal – it’s designers who take on young designers as assistants – but actually buildings need to take on young designers and give them opportunities to work all over the industry and also give us environments where we can take risks.”

She added: “That’s what we all desperately need, to be able to take risks. There’s nowhere near enough of that for set and costume designers, lighting designers or sound designers.”

Raza, who won the best designer award for Hijabi Monologues, Spun and Mixtape at the Bush Theatre in London, backed her calls.

“We definitely need more internships and more positions for assistant designers. In every show you ever work on there is always an assistant director and that’s a given, but it’s very rare for designers to have assistants. If you want an assistant, designers will have to pay for an assistant out of their own pocket, but it should be a given on any production,” she said.